Following on from recent research from The OneLife Company which reveals that 1 in 4 European HNWIs have previously moved countries to live or work, the firm’s most recent study uncovers the top 3 relocator personas

Following on from the publication of research in November 2017 which pointed to the growing trend amongst European HNWIs to relocate to live or work, OneLife now publishes the second part of its insight which reveals the 3 types of expatriates most likely to take part in the relocation journey: the Travellers, the Sunseekers and the Entrepreneurs. 

Travellers are high net worth individuals who have relocated three or more times.  They are young, financially successful and particularly motivated to relocate for greater career opportunities.  Their children look to follow suit.

Sunseekers are high net worth individuals who are retired and/or looking to relocation to Spain or Portugal.  For them, relocation is a chance to have a comfortable retirement and get back to the hobbies and passions they appreciate.

Entrepreneurs are high net worth individuals who run their own businesses.  They are typically motivated by the prospect of a better lifestyle and keen to pursue relocation opportunities which not only boost their career progression but also give them the chance to spend more time with friends and family.


Onelife’s cross-border expertise helps facilitate the relocation journey for these types of expats and their families.  

OneLife is there to answer questions about relocation and demonstrate the benefits of life assurance in cross-border situations.  Its team of wealth experts has put together a practical guide for expats and their families.  First, an e-book featuring 6 pragmatic case studies which describe the relocation journey of each of 6 families as they move from one country to another.  And, second, a cross-border checklist containing the 14 essential questions to ask before embarking on the relocation journey.

As Marc Stevens says: “As an industry, we cannot afford to be one-dimensional in the way we perceive our clients.  With relocation a rising priority for Europe’s wealthiest individuals, we must anticipate their requirements by adding value through know-how and expertise to support their international aspirations.”


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Publié le 13 février 2018