Koosmik, a Luxembourg-based FinTech developing mobile financial services and digital wallet solutions, announced earlier this week, that they were teaming up with the global KYC solutions provider, algoreg.

06 décembre 2018

LFF participated at the UNEP Global Roundtable in Paris. During a high-level panel session on sustainable finance roadmaps and national policy plans, LFF Deputy CEO Tom Théobald provided an overview of Luxembourg’s ongoing efforts in sustainable finance, notably in light of the EU action plan, as well as next steps as part of its national roadmap.

04 décembre 2018

Le 29 novembre dernier se déroulait la 10ème édition du Gala Marketers et des Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards. A cette occasion, la Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) s'est vue remettre le prix de Best Event of the Year.

04 décembre 2018

In a banking world opening itself to new players, from the advent of FinTech to the creation of marketplaces, LUXHUB has emerged in Luxembourg. Created by 4 major banks, the startup aims at providing an innovative answer to the upcoming PSD2 European Directive and therefore at offering new solutions and services to the many actors of the financial sector. We met with its CEO, Jacques Pütz, but also with Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC, to discuss the future of open-banking in Europe.

03 décembre 2018

Niccolo Polli succède à Lars Rejding, qui occupait le poste de CEO de HBSC au Luxembourg depuis août 2015.

03 décembre 2018

Une grande majorité des sondés (92%) dans le cadre de l’édition 2018 du rapport ETF publié par EY ont l’impression que davantage de promoteurs vont arriver sur le marché au cours des deux prochaines années. Plus de 60% pensent que les divisions fonds d’investissement des grandes banques et/ou des gestionnaires de fonds d’investissement actifs vont arriver sur le marché. Un peu plus de la moitié (51%) indiquent s’attendre à l’arrivée sur le marché d’acteurs issus de secteurs de niche et/ou de nouvelles start-ups.

02 décembre 2018

The asset and wealth management (AWM) industry’s revolution is ongoing. Assets under management (AuM) are increasing, as are costs and revenues. Although revenues costs have gone up, they’ve not grown at the same speed as revenues for many reasons, including economies of scale and the slow adoption of new technologies. However, with the rise of investors and regulators’ expectations in companies investing in infrastructure, talent and technology, costs are likely to grow.

30 novembre 2018

Alors que OneLife mise sur les actifs non traditionnels, l'équipe InFinance est allée à la rencontre de Fouad Charrite (Unquoted & Traditional Assets Director, Ad Interim) et Anthony Lorrain (Chief Commercial Officer, Ad Interim) pour discuter ces nouvelles classes d’actifs dont peuvent désormais bénéficier les clients fortunés de la compagnie d’assurance vie basée à Capellen.

29 novembre 2018

Assets under management in Luxembourg-domiciled Loan Funds has reached €49billion, according to a study by KPMG on behalf of ALFI, the Association of the Luxembourg fund industry.

26 novembre 2018

EFG International is today announcing the appointment of Lena Lascari as the new CEO of EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A., effective 01 January 2019.

26 novembre 2018