Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, a leading global provider of specialist consultancy services to the asset and wealth management industry, is pleased to report its audited results for the 12 months ended 31 March 2018 (FY18). This constitutes the Group’s first annual results as a public company, following admission of the Group to trading on AIM on 11 October 2017.

Alpha FMC increased its group revenue by 51,5% to $66.0m, compared to £43.6m last year, while its adjusted EBITDA grew by 62,9% to reach £13.9m. The group also record an adjusted operating profit of £13.6m (an increase of 65% compared to FY18). Alpha FMC saw a strong cash generation from operating activities of £11.3m (FY17: £4.3m). It recommended a final dividend per share of 3.69p, bringing total dividend for the year to 5.17p inclusive of the previously paid 1.48p interim dividend.

On the operating side, Alpha FMC opened in first office in Asia, more precisely in Singapore, and also completed the acquisition of TrackTwo GmbH. Moreover, two new practices areas were launched: Digital and Alpha Data Solutions. When it comes to HR, the group continued its investment in high level and quality people, with a number of consultants growing by 27% compared to FY17. In addition, 5 directors reinforced the management team to further support future growth.


"We are delighted to be reporting on the most successful year in Alpha’s history. Alpha has continued to achieve growth in all its core markets of the UK, Europe & Asia, and the US, with revenue increasing by 51.5% to £66.0m and adjusted EBITDA by 62.9% to £13.9m, ahead of market expectations. These results reflect the exceptionally hard work of our talented team," highlighted Euan Fraser, Global CEO of Alpha FMC, who continued: "We were pleased with the success of our IPO and admission to AIM in October, and take great confidence from our first eight months of trading as a public company. We have continued to invest in geographic expansion and extending Alpha’s service offering, responding to a strong pipeline and unwavering client demand."

He concluded: "Looking ahead, the structural industry drivers of cost pressure and regulatory change, along with increasing assets under management, create significant opportunities for future growth. The Group is well positioned to leverage its recent performance in the financial year ahead."


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Source: Alpha FMC

Publié le 07 juin 2018