On March 18th, Julie Becker was named "Inspirational Woman in Finance" during the Luxembourg Finance Awards ceremony. She tells us more about her ambitions as the future CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Can you tell us more about your professional career and your current missions at LuxSE?

As a lawyer specialised in financial law, I decided to build my career in the financial services industry. It was important for me to gain experience from different areas, so I worked in capital markets, tax and legal departments, in M&A, in corporate law, as a Compliance Officer and even as a Data Protection Officer, before I joined LuxSE in 2013.

In 2015, I was appointed to the Executive Committee, and then named Deputy CEO in 2019. I have now been appointed as CEO of the exchange, a role that I will officially assume from 21 April 2021. 


What are your biggest professional achievements? Why?

I co-founded the Luxembourg Green Exchange, or LGX, in 2016 and I consider this one of my greatest achievements. LGX is the world’s leading platform for sustainable securities and a reference within sustainable finance. Through LGX, we facilitate sustainable investment and help reorient capital flows towards sustainable development. Finance needs to be part of the solution to our global challenges, and it fills me with a great sense of purpose to contribute to this goal. 

I am also truly honoured to have been appointed as CEO of LuxSE, as the first woman in the 90-year history of the exchange.


What are your ambitions as the future CEO of LuxSE?

I am excited to lead LuxSE towards a future shaped by digital, inclusive and sustainable international capital markets. My ambition as CEO will be to build on the company’s strengths and success stories, with a strong focus on sustainability and digital innovations. We will continue to promote the sustainable finance agenda and contribute to the global goals. A major transition is needed across multiple industries, and LuxSE has an important role to play in supporting market developments, guiding issuers and creating awareness among investors. 

Moreover, LuxSE has a truly international footprint and we will continue to serve clients across the globe.  


On a more personal note, what does being named “Inspirational Woman in Finance” mean to you?

I have worked in the financial sector in Luxembourg for more than 20 years and it has been a meaningful and rewarding journey. I know that my professional achievements have served as inspiration to many women around me, and this fills me with great pride.  

The Inspirational Woman in Finance award only strengthens my commitment and determination to champion women working in finance in Luxembourg and beyond – because we need more women in leading positions in our industry!


Publié le 06 avril 2021