BNP Paribas Investment Partners is the dedicated, autonomous asset management business of BNP Paribas, one of the world's major financial institutions with EUR 530 billion in assets under management and advisory. We provide our institutional and retail clients with a full range of asset management services from our investment centres around the world.


With a presence in 35 countries worldwide and 3000 employees, we are close to the clients we are serving. We believe this proximity is vital. It enables us to really understand the challenges you are facing. This means we can anticipate the evolution of your needs and provide you with the right solution.


During the PrivateBanker event, we will focus on the offering of our Investment Partner Theam specialized in Protection, Index and Model Driven investments.

THEAM’s model-driven management segment includes 19 managers who have extensive experience of quantitative research and financial markets. The Global Quant Team focus on purely systematic management, i.e. they use a quantitative model directly to manage funds invested in a single asset class, for example equities, bonds or commodities. These funds are known as smart-beta funds.

During our workshop we will introduce our  “GURU™” strategy.

Over the last century, some of the best and well-known asset managers – the financial markets “Gurus” – have learnt a great deal about how (and how not) to successfully invest in equities over the long-term. Investment Gurus, starting with Benjamin Graham, and then followed by managers such as Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch have delivered high consistent performance over a long term period, thanks to investment principles based on economic common sense.


Inspired by their success, BNP Paribas has launched in 2008 an investment methodology directly linked to the Gurus’ approaches. This methodology offers fresh approach to equity markets combining the best of fundamental analysis with a rigorous systematic management. We call this strategy the “GURU™” strategy.

The GURU™ philosophy is simply based on common sense: cheap companies that are profitable will potentially have exceptional performances. Moreover, methods that have been around for a long time tend to become more robust over time; consequently it is wise to follow investment methodologies that have shown a consistent success over the years. Implementing the strategy systematically aims at limiting coincidence and human bias.

The GURU™ Funds seek to achieve long term capital growth by investing in a selection of the largest listed companies in each fund’s own geographical universe. The selection process follows a rules-based fundamental analysis developed by the leading names in asset management.

Our main objective during the workshop is to show that the GURUTM Methodology enables to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by focusing on company fundamentals in its stock picking selection mechanism.


By BNP Paribas IP

Publié le 21 mars 2016