What does the bank of the future look like? Everyone was wowed last year by the students of the Luxembourg Tech School who brought together vision, agility and creativity in answering this question. In 48 hours, some teams developed online platforms, while others created apps dealing with complex subjects such as cryptocurrencies, bigd ata and artificial intelligence. 

The “Bank of the Future Hackathon” is back for the second year running. 24 students of the Luxembourg Tech School sought to tackle this challenge and “hack” their concepts for the bank of the future focusing on customer benefits, transparency or environmental impact during a whole weekend (29.06 – 1.07.2018). The Hackathon was hosted by the LHoFT and supported by Digital Lëtzebuerg and Temenos, the world's leading banking software vendor, who provided the students a sandbox giving the students access to its technical infrastructure and banking software.  

The students, split into 6 teams, challenged last year project and competed to invent the bank 3.0. Students were supported by the LTS coaches including Sergio Coronado, chief coach of the LTS, and a range of mentors coming from the banking industry and the Fintech world such as Laurent Marochini (SOCGEN), Nicolas Boatwright (Temenos), Daniel Coheur (Tokeny), Josselin Hebert (BGL BNP), Roger Krämer (BCEE), Atte Suominen (CFinance), Cyril Cassagnes (Infrachain), Emilie Allaert (LHoFT), Vlad Centea (Secourriel), and many more. 

Sunday afternoon, after an intensive weekend, the students pitched their ideas in front of a jury composed of Ben Davolls (Temenos), Nasir Zubairi (LHoFT), Marco Houwen (Infrachain), Larissa Best (LBAN), Markus Willms (EIB) and Andrey Martovoy (ABBL).


After cautious deliberations, the 3 top prizes, generously offered by Temenos, went to:

- 1st Prize to PHYTO BANK 

- 2nd Prize to SIMPLEND 

- 3rd Prize to A.INVEST 


Nicolas Boatwright, Director Partnerships and Alliances, Benelux & Nordics at Temenos commented: “The future is made today” was once again the unwritten motto of these bright youngsters. Thoughtful, provocative and very attentive to the advice and experience shared with their coaches and mentors, they provided an array of imaginative solutions to what banking should/could be. Their curiosity and “can do” attitude are the values Temenos seeks to foster and develop.

Dr. Sergio Coronado, Chief coach of the LTS added: “Inventing the Bank of the Future is definitely a big challenge and the LTS students proved, in this weekend Hackathon, that they were able to face this challenge successfully providing cutting-edge solutions using blockchain or Artificial Intelligence focusing on customer benefits, driving their future for good. We also saw how powerful the Hackathon are, as a tool, to find solutions to complex problems in short time!”

Alex Panican, Head of partnerships & ecosystem at the LHoFT, concluded: “No Economy without Ecology. The motto of the winning team, PhytoBank, who were promoting financial services but with a social impact, is the perfect example of what the new generation is expecting from the financial actors. It shows that the bank of the future will be very different from the bank of today, and the LTS Hackathon has been the perfect place where to find inspiration in order to build this future.”   


About the 6 LTS Teams and Projects 

A INVEST: Intelligent private banking for everyone. 

PHYTO BANK: “No economy without ecology”. Save the planet, promote sustainable lifestyle by providing better banking deals to people. 

THOT: Using AI through your bank account to find better deals to optimize your daily expenses. 

JUICY BANKING: Provide a blockchain based solution to increase bank-to-bank transactions.

DIVICash: Managing and keeping track of your expenses while travelling in a group? DIVICash offers a transparent group payment management system.

SIMPLEND: Creating an app that gives the possibility to people with projects ideas to easily loan money from friends and let banks see that the project has support and take over the loan.  


Press release by the LHoFT

Publié le 04 juillet 2018