On 22 November 2018, the Executive Committee of the European Banking Federation has appointed Camille Seillès Chairman of the EBF Fiscal Committee for a two-year period. Camille, already serving as vice-Chair of the Fiscal Committee since February 2017, will be assisted by Rodolphe de Pierpont as vice-Chair.

The EBF Fiscal Committee is one of the EBF specialised standing committees assisting in the preparation of the EBF common positions and policies. The Fiscal Committee works on tax matters of interest in the European banking industry and actively contributes to tax-related work at the level of relevant European and international fora, including EU institutions and the OECD.

Current points of attention and challenges include ongoing BEPS-related developments, including the taxation of the digital economy, the treatment of financial services for EU VAT purposes, the implementation of new schemes in the field of tax reporting as well as initiatives relating to the taxation of financial transactions. The Fiscal Committee is also involved in the definition of enhanced withholding tax refund and relief procedures with respect to cross-border investment income.

Serge de Cillia, CEO of the ABBL, congratulates Camille for his election: “Camille is a tax specialist with in-depth knowledge of domestic and international tax matters relevant to the banking industry. His know-how, experience and network will enable him to provide a significant contribution to this important EBF Committee”.

In his own words, Camille Seillès says: “It is an honour and privilege to take up the role of Chairman of the EBF Fiscal Committee for the next two years. I am thanking the EBF Executive Committee and fellow members of the EBF Fiscal Committee for their trust and confidence. International tax standards are currently undergoing unprecedented changes in depth and scale to align with the globalization of international business and the digitalization of economic activities. Many of these evolutions may have a critical impact on the cost structure and revenue streams of European banks. In these challenging, yet interesting times, I am looking forward to continuing the good work with the EBF team and fellow EBF members in order to deliver on agreed priorities and members’ expectations. I also take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Chair of the Fiscal Committee, Petra Pospíšilová, for her great leadership during her tenure “.

Besides his management responsibilities at ABBL, Camille is in charge of tax dossiers within the Luxembourg Bankers’ association.

Furthermore, Camille is a member of the Committee on Taxation and Fiscal Policy at the Business and Industry Advisory Group to the OECD (BIAC). He is also involved in the work of the International Banking Federation (IBFed) as regards taxation. In Luxembourg, Camille is on the panel of tax experts advising the Economic and Social Council and he is a member of the taxation working group of the Luxembourg Federation of Employers.


Communicated by the AABL

Publié le 23 novembre 2018