COMO Group S.A., the parent company of COMO Global S.A., a global payments processing services technology company, has acquired ONPEX S.A., a European payment institution based in Luxembourg. 

The combination of both companies will offer a best-in-class payments infrastructure for global eCommerce capabilities: empowering financial institutions, enterprises, marketplaces and businesses around the world.  

COMO will provide solutions and services encompassing financial institutions and merchant services including eCommerce — helping consumers and businesses alike. Clients will benefit from omnichannel payments and multi-currency capabilities. Automated reconciliation and invoicing, synchronization of account receivables and payables, and advanced data analytics will be available along with Merchant of Record Services, providing PSD2 compliance in Europe. These services will be delivered globally through a centralized platform.  

Organizations of all types and sizes are looking for new ways to create more meaningful and frictionless experiences and grow their share of revenues through digital channels. COMO provides clients with access to a wider portfolio of digital assets to accelerate their revenue growth and streamline their operations, minimizing errors and creating better engagement with their customers.  

COMO supports more than 400 payment types across 71+ countries and 126 currencies. COMO is focused on expanding into high-growth markets, including global eCommerce, marketplaces, integrated payments and B2B2X. 

“As humanity moves to digital life, our mission is to inspire and nurture this journey.  One individual, one financial institution, and one continent at a time.” stated Angela Nickel, CEO    

Publié le 18 décembre 2020