During the Luxembourg Finance Awards 2020, the prize of “Financial Software Provider of the Year” was awarded to Governance.com. Our team recently met with Bert Boerman, CEO of Governance.com, to discuss the transformation of the financial sector and the next steps for his company.

Can you explain in a few words in what consists your software? What are the different features of your suite?

We provide regulated companies with digital governance, an automated and digitalised way to deal with traditionally manual processes. The platform helps clients connect data, automate processes, monitor operational performance and mitigate issues.

Inside the Governance.com platform we have built and integrated a large number of advanced tools for data aggregation, process automation, dashboarding, due diligence, meeting management, collaboration and more. But the most important feature is our focus on simplicity, both for deployment as well as for the users of the platform.


Is the finance sector your only target? If so, do you wish to offer this service to other sectors that have an amount of process data and for which you would be efficient?

At the moment, we focus mostly on the financial sector, having developed ready-to-go models for fund managers, depositaries, administrators and others. Our approach is however easily transposable to other sectors that need to comply with regulation. We are already in early discussions with advisory partners that want to use Governance.com to address these challenges, for example in the healthcare sector.


By definition, new technologies keep on evolving, how do you proceed to be at the forefront of these new developments and thwart obsolescence?

Continuous innovation is our only way to stay relevant in technology and business alike. Since we started in 2014, we have already seen that many others have followed us into the now booming RegTech sector. But by the time others enter the market, we have already added new innovations like robotic process automation that keep us ahead of the pack.


The world of finance is also a world of change. How do you keep being informed with technological and financial information? Are there specific tech trends that could once again transform the sector, and your business model?

Our team consists of technical talents as well as seasoned business experts. This experience, and our constant monitoring of market changes, allows us to create tools that can be quickly implemented.

At the moment the coronavirus pandemic is probably the biggest catalyst for change in the financial sector. We are closely following the developments to make sure that we are the first to offer solutions to help clients. Our recent Business Continuity Manager product is an example of this agile approach.


What are your goals regarding your software for the future? What about the evolution of Governance.com?

In the next 5 years we aim to be the global leader in Digital Governance, offering solutions to digitalise any corporate governance process. To get there, we are quickly building our solutions portfolio and a network of integration and advisory partners.

Publié le 07 avril 2020