The “European Payments Initiative” (EPI) has been set up by 16 European banks with the aim to create a new pan-European payment solution leveraging Instant Payments.

Today it counts 31 European banks/credit institutions and 2 third-party payment acquirers among their members.

EPI’s innovative solution aims to become a new standard in payments for European consumers and merchants and will bring true value for both retail payments and payments between individuals “peer-to-peer”. EPI’s scope is both euro- and non-euro markets.

EPI is currently assessing how the necessary central infrastructure could be obtained, or built, and how best it should be operated, to sustain all the necessary scheme functions and needs, as well as the solution needs of the technical entity, in relation to the payment products EPI intends to deploy.

In particular, determining the financial aspects of the different options for the setup, and the run of the central infrastructure is critical for allowing proper decisions and choices.

To build this comprehensive solution, EPI is now looking for qualified technical partners.

Candidates can submit their candidacy by participating EPI’s Request For Information via our website before March 1, 2021@12h00 CET.


Communicated by EPI

Publié le 24 février 2021