The European Banking Federation became an official member of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG) that will provide strategic advice to the European Commission and ENISA on EU cybersecurity certification, as part of the Cybersecurity Act implementation. The Act, which entered into force one year ago, has broadened the mandate of the EU Agency for cybersecurity (ENISA) and introduced a new European Cybersecurity Certification Framework to support the Digital Single Market.

Considering the vital importance of ensuring the cybersecurity and resilience of digital infrastructure and services, highlighted also by the COVID-19 situation, along with the interconnectedness of the financial sector with other critical sectors and its increasing dependence on third-party providers, it is hoped that the new EU cybersecurity certification schemes will alleviate fragmentation and duplication, and support banks as heavy users of ICT products and services in their efforts to resilience and competitiveness.

Says Alexandra Maniati, Director Cybersecurity & Innovation at the European Banking Federation: “Together with EBF members, we look forward to working closely with the other SCCG members and experts of the European Commission and ENISA, in order to help produce schemes that build on existing standards, are practical and flexible, implemented with cost- and time-effective processes, and mutually recognised at the EU and international levels.”


Press release by EBF

Publié le 06 juillet 2020