A new edition of ICT Spring will finally take place on September 15th and 16th, 2020. The event will gather several thousands of experts in the Fintech, AI and Space domains and will be organized at the ECCL, in the heart of Luxembourg business center.

Fintech – the portmanteau word combining Financial and Technology – has been around for years. But startups and innovative companies keep on using digital to provide their clients with new services, focusing on customer experience, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and many more. Moreover, the trend is spreading and multiplying, with the rise of Insurtech, Regtech, etc., solutions.


On September 15th, international experts will take the stage in Luxembourg to share their insights and knowledge. They will focus on:

• Strategic partnerships with startups – What makes startups and entrepreneurs successful? How to enter new markets and disrupt the game?

• Democratization of banking processes – With the emergence of new players that can offer banking services, customers can pick the solutions that suit best their needs.


On the last day of ICT Spring, renowned guest speakers will meet to discuss:

• Tokenization & cryptocurrency – The blockchain trend is back, more standardized than ever, to provide safer and simpler solutions.

• InsurTech (r)evolution – Digital keeps on transforming the traditional insurance industry with a focus on customer experience and new services.


More information and registration: www.ictspring.com

Publié le 07 avril 2020