The FinTech Zone, Luxembourg’s first independent FinTech centre is open for business.  The FinTech Zone is a place where local, as well as international FinTech start-ups, who want to create a presence in Luxembourg, can call home.

The FinTech Zone was officially launched on 8 September, at the Hotel Royale, Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg, and the Finnolux experts showed what they have created and how this brings real value to the Luxembourg Financial Centre.


The FinTech Zone goes beyond the services of a traditional incubator or accelerator. The services available include:


- Help to identify unique business opportunities for your company/product, benefiting from our extensive network and experience.

- Identifying customers, interesting business collaborations and investors.

- Assisting in accessing funding, both locally and within the European Union.

- Providing advice on the tailoring of your product to meet the needs of the European market.

- Introducing your product and business to interested parties in the Luxembourg Financial Centre.

- Facilitating introductions to research organizations, universities and government agencies for research-related projects.

- Cultural awareness workshops to understand how to position products aimed at the Financial Services market.

- FinTech language and culture boot camps and workshops, providing non-native English speaking start-ups with the language, and cultural knowledge, they need to promote their company and products in the largely English speaking dominated world of FinTech.


A unique package of partner services was put together, and brings together all required pieces to setup and locate your FinTech business in Luxembourg.  These partners include accountants, lawyers and notaries, relocation agents, real estate agents, recruitment (both local and pan European), sales and marketing, events, industry associations and more.


The FinTech Zone is a core part of our objective to bring together FinTech talent and solutions in Luxembourg, to enable the creation of truly game-changing products and services.  As well as local FinTech start-ups, it specifically works with growth-mode start-ups from around the globe who would like to bring their products to the heart of the European Union.


“This private partnership complements the initiatives implemented by the government and financial players.  We have created an environment where your business can thrive, where surrounding yourself with other FinTech companies who are all striving for the same thing is very powerful,” says Matt Elton, Co-Founder of FinnoLux.


“The FinTech Zone is the place where the synergies between like-minded people will lead to game-changing products and services,” adds Leen Cuypers Co-Founder of FinnoLux. “Constant reinvention is about living the spirit and creating the atmosphere in which people feel empowered.”


The FinTech Zone is a collaboration between FinTech enabler, FinnoLux and the Color Business Center, experts in providing quality serviced office space. “Realising the time is now, we have taken the initiative to bring together the FinTech knowledge and experience of FinnoLux with the entrepreneurial spirit and business development skills of the Color Business Center. This gives start-ups access to a wealth of knowledge which would difficult to find elsewhere”, says Benjamin de Seille of Color Business Center.



Publié le 13 septembre 2016