It is no secret that Special Purpose Acquisitions Companies (SPACs) can facilitate the access of small and medium-sized companies to EU public equity markets. To help you navigate SPACs, LuxSE experts have put together guidelines to facilitate their listing on its exchange. As the ideal venue for primary listings, LuxSE offers SPACs issuers access to 2 markets, supported by service excellence and competitive fees.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are vehicles specifically created to raise capital for the purpose of acquiring an existing operating company. SPACs are particularly appealing for experienced sponsor teams, as an alternative route to take companies public within a limited timeframe.  Upon admission to trading on a stock exchange, while SPAC sponsors search the market, the vehicle remains without underlying commercial operations or assets other than cash and limited investments.

Due to their innovative characteristics and potential for value creation through acquisition, SPACs represent an asset class that has garnered significant interest from the international investment community.

Read the Guidelines for listing SPACs at LuxSE HERE

Publié le 31 août 2021