On November 15th, more than 900 participants gathered at the ECCL, at the heart of Luxembourg, to attend a series of conference around the topic of the "Future of HR", followed by the Luxembourg HR Awards Gala Dinner. The organizers notably welcomed Noor van Boven, Chief People Officer, N26, who shared the mobile bank's vision when it comes to recruitment and onboarding new talents within the company.

Her presentation, entitled "Employee experience: a reflection of your product experience", aimed at showing how N26, a company defined by innovation and disruption, is developing a brand new employee experience. According to Noor Van Boven, "in such a FinTech context, even the HR department can try things out more easily and test them". As a matter of fact, the CPO and her team have no other choice than working in a more flexible and agile way, as N26 is currently welcoming around 100 new employees every single month and therefore created a specific employee experience. "We're in an environment where challenge is constant. Our organization is going through what is called "hypergrowth". As a bank, we want to make sure that the customers have the best experience. But we face the same challenges within the company," explained Noor Van Boven, who highlighted the fact that the HR department copied the product experience. Therefore, the CPO is considering employees as clients, meaning that she aims at constantly satisfy them and providing them with the best experience possible.

Three steps in order to create an innovative Employee Experience

Noor Van Boven then shared her best practices in the creation of such experiences: "first, be bold and explicit about your ambition! We want to be #1 and disrupt the world. And we also want to become the #1 employer un the FinTech space. Having outspoken ambitions might not be traditional for HR. But we can influence the people and even the CEOs we small nudges". According to her, being explicit and letting people know where you want to go but also showing them what the potential benefits could be, is the first step to launch such projects: "It evens starts to resonate with the CEO and top management".

The Chief People Officer also explained that just like any tech company with a clear product vision, it was now necessary to create and communicate the employee vision and answering notably to the following questions: who? What? Why? At N26, the HR department's motto is: empower-ized, digitized and personalized. She added: "we give the tools to grow your own way. We also design for flexibility and the employees are involved in the design process. We do it for their needs and not because of what we think is best for HR".

The third and final step? Mapping your employee journey and insisting on storytelling, which is a huge marketing and communication trends which helps create relationships with the customers. How does the journey go? What's the story you want to tell? "Draw it on a board, discuss it, have goals and challenges," she explained.


After going through these steps, the HR team at N26 developed an app, called Discover26, helping candidates in the recruitment process but also future employees in their onboarding. Videos from and for the team are available, so are the possibilities to book meetings and flights. "It has the same look and feel as our regular banking app. Everything is available 24/7. We are also taking care of the next step: what happens when people leave the company? Well, they join the alumni network. And guess what, they might even come back one day," concluded Noor Van Boven.


Alexandre Keilmann

Photos: Dominique Gaul

Publié le 26 novembre 2018