The start-up, specialized in KYC outsourcing solutions for regulated entities, has successfully obtained ISO 22301 and 27001 certifications for its Business Continuity and Information Security Management System. By doing so, the company reinforces the robustness of its processes to better meet the requirement of its clients.

Since 2017, i-Hub has been developing innovative KYC outsourcing solutions dedicated to players in the financial sector and aimed at facilitating the management of their obligations in the areas of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (fight against terrorist financing and money laundering). The company provides a unique outsourcing service for the collection, verification, maintenance and storage of data and documents necessary for the identification of natural and legal persons. “We manage data and documents relating to the clients of our clients and therefore guarantee the highest level of security, integrity, availability and confidentiality,” comments José Correia, CAO, CISO and Business Continuity Manager. “Since the creation of the company, we have invested in a sustained way in security, but also in the management of the continuity of operations, considering these elements as essential to gain and perpetuate the trust of our clientele."


The covid-19 pandemic, a test in a real situation

In February 2019, the company decided to be part of a certification process with ISO 22301, the international standard for the management of business continuity activities. "With this approach, the aim is to guarantee the sustainability of our activities and to ensure the preservation of our reputation, but above all to reinforce the confidence that our Clients place in our services," explains Pascal Morosini, CEO. “We’re therefore developing structured responses to face any potential crisis, and activate all levels for improvement in the pursuit of excellence and operational resilience."

The Covid-19 pandemic, which occurred during the external certification audit process, has allowed i-Hub and its teams to test the efficiency of its recent Business Continuity Management System. What many market players experienced as a major crisis was an opportunity for i-Hub and its stakeholders. I-Hub reacted quickly and had only minimal effort to make to adapt and document its Plans (continuity, crisis communication, crisis management, IT recovery, etc.), its Policy and its Continuity Strategy in this unprecedented context.


The culmination of hard teamwork

"A Business Continuity Management System must give the company the ability to react effectively as quickly as possible to any eventuality and allow each team to contribute at its level to maintaining activity," says Christophe Ruppert, Senior Consultant Business Continuity Management at EBRC. “It involves a perfect understanding of the professions and management support to install a culture of resilience at the heart of the organization. Within i-Hub, everyone's commitment to the process is noticeable, at management level but also in each team." “Being ISO 22301 certified is the culmination of hard teamwork, involving all i-Hub employees, my colleagues of the executive committee, expertise and support from our trusted partner EBRC. Throughout the project, we have seen a positive emulation that has allowed us to move forward in a fluid and coordinated manner,” adds José Correia.


In line with the best international information security practices

ISO 27001 is the International Information Security Management standard. “By obtaining this certification, we demonstrate that we’re managing information security in line with the international best practices and that we have taken the necessary steps to protect our business,” concludes Pascal Morosini.

i-Hub is one of the rare companies in Luxembourg to be ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified. This double certification underlines the efforts of the whole organization to comply with the best international norms and achieve excellence in the continuity and security of its operations.


Press release by i-Hub

Publié le 08 octobre 2020