On May 22nd, Brett King, futurist, Amazon bestselling author, award-winning speaker, host a globally recognized radio show, Founder and Executive Chairman of neo-bank Moven, will be at the Fintech Summit of ICT Spring to give a keynote speech entitled "Bank 4.0 – Banking Everywhere, but not at a bank".

According to Brett King, "Banks are in trouble. Every bank in the modern world that is dependent on branch revenue is in virtual survival mode, hoping for a miraculous reversal of emerging customer behavior".  In countries like China, Kenya and 20 other countries in Africa alone, mobile payments far exceed those made using traditional bank accounts and artefacts. The most efficient credit risk models aren’t owned by banks anymore The best investment advice is coming from algorithms and robo-advisors that can adapt your portfolio in real-time as markets shift. Assets, identities, and transactions are being transmitted on blockchains, tangles and hashes that make old payment networks look obsolete and unsafe.

"Banking has been blown apart. The banking system of tomorrow is being built from first principles today – in the same way Elon Musk built SpaceX and Steve Jobs designed the iPhone. Just ask yourself, if we were building the banking system today, from scratch with all the technology and knowledge we have, would you end up with Bank branches that require a signature on a piece of paper before issuing you a passbook or a checkbook? No way. Bank 4.0 is about the banking system that we’re building today and why most banks won’t survive to see that day," adds the expert.


Brett King is one of the world's most renowned Fintech experts and the author of "Bank 4.0: Banking everywhere, never at a bank". He even advised the Obama administration on the Future of Banking, and has spoken on the future in 50 countries in just the last 3 years.


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Publié le 08 mai 2019