A new edition of the Infrachain Summit will take place on May 23rd, at the BCEE, in Luxembourg-City. Over 20 local and international speakers participate in the event, including Minister Delegate for Digitalisation Marc Hansen, EY’s Global Blockchain Lead Paul Brody and the Head of the OECD Blockchain Policy Centre Caroline Malcolm. The conference is dedicated to blockchain topics, from governance and technology to compliance and operations. Exclusive keynotes and concrete business cases will be presented during the day, with experts sharing their best practices and discussing the latest trends.

The Infrachain initiative was launched in November 2016 by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and turned into a non-profit organisation in May 2017. The mission is to create a European community of certified operators to host private chain instances with third party distributed trust, and also to create a European blockchain community aiming to drive the technology towards a faster and larger adoption.

This year's edition of Infrachain Summit will notably tackle the topics of tokenization, KYC, Luxembourg’s blockchain securities law etc, with experts sharing their knowledge, vision and best practices. A special highlight will be the opening industry keynote of Paul Brody, Global Innovation Lead – Blockchain at EY. Another keynote by former Slovenian Secretary of State Tadej Slapnik and use case presentations on the European Notary Blockchain and the European Financial Transparency Gateway will cover the European dimension of blockchain. Last but not least, the broader impact of blockchain on competition and on the economy as a whole will be analysed by the OECD and through a panel debate moderated by The LHoFT CEO Nasir Zubairi.

The organisers are also pleased to announce the participation of Marc Hansen, Luxembourg’s Minister Delegate for Digitalisation.

Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of Infrachain a.s.b.l. adds: “Blockchain and other DLTs’ are a major game changer. They can completely change the way business is done by reducing friction and replacing intermediaries. Through working use cases and high level speeches, Infrachain Summit will showcase how blockchain is transforming the industry.”


Discover the complete programme of the Infrachain Summit 2019

At 9:00 am, Fabrice Croiseaux will officially open this new edition. A Welcome  speech will then be giving by Francoise Thoma, Director General of BCEE, followed by a keynote from Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalisation of Luxembourg.

Paul Brody (EY Global Innovation Leader ─ Blockchain) will then share his knowledge in the first industry keynote speech of the day. Two use-cases will follow: "Shifting the boundaries of the traditional sector: VC tokenization" by Anton Abashkin (COO, VNX Exchange) and "Data Management Infrastructure on Blockchain" by Vitaly Bondar (CEO, Apla Blockchain).

After the coffee break, the organisers will welcome Tadej Slapnik (Chairman World Blockchain Hub) for a keynote speech entitled "Building the blockchain ecosystem in Slovenia, Europe". The morning session will end with two more use-cases, entitled "European Notary Blockchain" and European Financial Transparency Gateway", given by Frank Roessig (Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Proximus Luxembourg) and Blockchain expert Iulian Nita.

Following the networking lunch, Jean-Louis Schiltz (Professor (hon.), University of Luxembourg) will take the stage to discuss "Luxembourg’s blockchain securities law of 1 March 2019 and beyond". His presentation will be followed by 4 more use-cases: "HQLAX - An innovative market solution to mobilise collateral and liquidity" by Guido Stroemer (Founding Partner, HQLAˣ),  "Applying DLT to KYC processes" by Christophe Medinger (Deputy Head of Digital Banking Division, Spuerkeess), "Blockchain at your desk" by Alexander Skripalshchikov (R&D manager, Net Service Information Technology) and "BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) system—RegOS" by Michael Yeung (Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist, Shenzhen BlockContinent Technology Co).

The final conference session starts with two more use-cases by the experts of Global Cargo Forum, and then by Daniel Brunner, Deloitte D.Lab Manager, on the topic of "Traceability issues in the art market with distributed ledger technology".

"Blockchain and competition" is the name of the last keynote speech of the day, given by Caroline Malcolm (Head of the OECD Blockchain Policy Centre). Several experts will then participate to a round table discussion on "The impact of blockchain on the economy" which will be moderated by Nasir Zubairi, CEO, The LHoFT.

After the closings remarks, participants will have the opportunity to further discuss these innovative topics during the Networking Cocktail.


Press release by Infrachain

Publié le 13 mai 2019