In an effort to get to know the InsurTech ecosystem and their representatives better, we asked them a few questions.

This time we caught up with Arvid De Coster, CEO & Co-founder, WeGroup , who takes part to the InsurtechSummit co-organized by Farvest and the LHoFT on October 18th.

1/ Can you tell us a little about yourself and about your company? How did you get the idea to launch WeGroup?

When I was in university, I was recruited to sell life insurance policies. After building up some portfolio, I was promoted to be a sales executive and coach train a team of agents. This kept me into close contact with clients, and I heared about their problems and frustrations on a daily basis. It was then I realized a lot of things could've been done a lot better by using alternate business models as well as implementing technology, both to increase user experience and process efficiency. 

2/ What does it take to be a good entrepreneur?

Perseverence, perseverence and perseverence. Oh, and some balls as well. The entrepreneurial road is one of trial and error. Every day our team is facing new challenges that we thought we'd never face, so my advise to any starting entrepreneur with always be: don't waste too much time on preparation, because things will turn out different anyway. It's much better to just do things, fail hard, and do them again. 

3/ What is your role model or leitmotiv and why?

Elon Musk. Not only because he's a great entrepreneur and has a history in FinTech, but because he is "a pirate". He creates things that he things are cool, and fit his personal vision of the future. In life there are two kinds of people: those who say they would like to launch a rocket into space, and those who do it. Musk is the latter, literally. 

4/ Any personal insight on Insurtech trends you want to pass on to readers? 

I truely believe that we are finally entering the next level of insurance innovation. The dust around "magical" buzzwords such as AI and Blockchain is settling down and from that are arising some truely amazing use cases that actually work. Today it is the job of investors and incumbents to give those surviving startups who really are onto something the necassary oxygen to continue operations and together create insurance solutions that innovate all links of the value chain and improve all aspects for every player in the industry. 

More information about Arvid De Coster: 

Arvid started his professional career as an insurance agent whilst still studying history at Ghent University, Belgium. Even though he climbed the ladder quickly, becoming responsible for several sales teams, he never lost contact with the customers and made it his mission to solve their problems. He developed an interest in innovative insurance business models and in combining those models with cutting-edge technology in order to improve user experience and process efficiency. This led to the foundation of Belgium’s first peer-to-peer InsurTech, WeGroup. Today, Arvid can be found at various international insurance conferences, pitching WeGroup as its co-founder and CEO or providing expertise as a speaker specializing in innovative business models and sales process optimization.

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Publié le 02 octobre 2018