investify TECH and aixigo have joined forces as a consortium to strengthen Sopra Financial Technology's (SFT) range of services in the wealth management business with innovative software solutions. Both companies have a long-standing understanding of the needs of different banks (groups) and extensive experience in the digitalisation of the wealth management business. For Sopra Financial Technology (SFT), the consortium will in future provide state-of-the-art sales and processing lines for investment advice and end-to-end solutions for asset management based on its wealth management and regulatory platform. In addition, the consortium will also develop special applications, such as Riester lines.

"The demands of customers for digital services and information are constantly growing. If financial service providers want to receive two minutes of attention a day, they are in tough competition. And they are not only in competition with companies in their industry, but also with social media. And that's why they need superior technology to enable them to flexibly and quickly deliver new service experiences via the API at any time. This means that every bank is maximally prepared to provide the right answers to the rapidly growing demands of the market," says Christian Friedrich, CBO of aixigo AG.

The consortium's investment solutions will be used by SFT customers in the retail and private banking segment.

"We see in the market that the demands for user experience in the wealth management business are constantly increasing. Customers today no longer tolerate bad processes. At the same time, the demands with regard to efficient mapping of the strict MiFID requirements are becoming ever higher - from investment advice to asset management. This is precisely where we have built up excellent expertise over the last few years and created a unique platform. With our solutions, we can significantly minimize the regulatory burden and improve compliance. We are pleased to have gained a strong partner in Sopra Financial Technology, who will now apply this expertise to its clients. It is also of interest to our consortium that SFT intends to continue to grow in Germany and Europe. More and more institutions will thus have the opportunity to use our innovative investment and regulatory solutions in the future", says Dr. Harald Brock, CEO of investify SA.

With the extended scope of services, SFT will be able to cover the entire needs of banks in the investment business in a customercentered way and thus significantly expand its current range of services. With the new scope of functions, personal consulting and the increasingly important online business of SFT's customers will be significantly strengthened.

Éric Guyot, Managing Director of Sopra Financial Technology, continues: "What convinced us about the consortium consisting of aixigo and investify was that we can rely on a fully comprehensive, highly innovative range of services for the investment business. This enables us to cover the different needs of our demanding customers with proven solutions".


Press release by investify TECH & aixigo

Publié le 11 septembre 2020