Last July, data provider and marketing agency Editus published its first API on the LUXHUB Marketplace. Through its "NEO Data Provider" API, the company provides users with detailed and diverse information about companies located in Luxembourg. On November 17th, the company went one step further and announced an important update, with the addition of UBO – Ultimate Beneficial Owner – data.

(Photo Johan Bierebeeck, Director of Finance and Data, Editus)

The API economy – advocated about by an ever-increasing number and variety of companies – is enabling multiple entities to exchange and collaborate efficiently within a digitalized and fast-paced environment. More concretely, it empowers companies to transform faster, enhance their current services with additional value, and create new and innovative products.

With its NEO Data Provider API, Editus now provides accurate, up-to-date and reliable data for business, marketing and legal purposes.  It enables API consumers to make data-driven and better-informed decisions.

When Editus released its API, Johan Bierebeeck, Director of Finance and Data, said: "the API will be particularly useful in providing a solution to the AML and KYC regulatory reporting challenges faced by companies in the financial sector. It will help mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements by using accurate and reliable data based on the National Business Register.”

“The recent addition of UBO data further enhances the usefulness of the API as it will also verify the identity of the natural person on whose behalf a transaction or activity is conducted,” he now highlights.

The NEO Data Provider is not limited to the banking sector. "This API also addresses the business and marketing challenges of all companies, regardless of their industry, as it ensures access to the right information to analyse, segment and better reach a specific market, through automated database enrichment and updating," adds Rémi Valentin, innovation director at Editus.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Editus through its new brand Neo, and eventually to provide end-clients and API consumers with quality data to further develop their business, marketing campaigns, but also to easily perform AML checks thanks to UBO data,” says Anne-Sophie Morvan, Business Development Manager, LUXHUB. “The goal of our Marketplace has always been to enable companies to work together and co-create, in order to provide end-clients with innovative, flexible and tailored services, with an enhanced customer experience.”

The updated API is available in the LUXHUB Marketplace and can be tested in a secure Sandbox environment (

Press release by Editus

Publié le 22 novembre 2021