The LHoFT Foundation launches an exclusive Mentors Directory, built to support Fintech firms in the Luxembourg ecosystem and beyond.

The core mission of the LHoFT Foundation is to drive technological innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry, fostering innovation and developing solutions to shape the future of financial services. To do so the LHoFT is proud to count on an ecosystem of 170+ Fintech Firms all around the world, but also practitioners, experts, and specialists working side by side with those entrepreneurs to get to the next level.

Over the past years, the LHoFT has built up a broad network of experts from the financial services ecosystem and beyond, willing to share their insights and experience with Fintech firms. These mentors have proven skills in key disciplines such as innovation, technology, leadership, sales, accounting, sustainability, marketing and fundraising. They provide invaluable insights to many Fintech firms in the Luxembourg ecosystem, be it through LHoFT’s accelerations programmes, or through general availability to entrepreneurs in our community.

The LHoFT is convinced that education and knowledge is central to every entrepreneur’s journey to success, and thus strives to support and cultivate the sharing of expertise in its community. In line with our beliefs, we are now formalising our directory of mentors and the process to connect with them, with the LHoFT website as the core tool.

The LHoFT’s Mentor Directory aims to grow further over the next few months. To name a few, the LHoFT is honoured to already include Mr. Robert Scharfe, Former CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Mr Cristian Paun, Global Head of Innovation at Dupont and Mrs Denise Voss, Chairwoman of LuxFlag in this initiative.

Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT, explains: “I have been fortunate to have had access to incredible mentors to guide my own career. They really make a difference. We are so very grateful that experts and innovators from the Luxembourg ecosystem are willing to help up-and-coming companies shape the future of financial services.”

Alex Panican, Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem at the LHoFT, adds: “As Isaac Newton famously said; he managed to see further than others, by standing upon the shoulders of giants. All great entrepreneurs, all visionaries, need mentorship and advice from people with better expertise and more experience. And we are lucky to have such giants in Luxembourg, ready to carry others further.”

Discover HERE the list of amazing people and mentors that are making themselves and their experience available to help the LHoFT’s members drive forward.

Publié le 14 octobre 2021