As an outcome of the first part of the 7th edition of the Economy Days, it seems that Luxembourg has preserved its attractiveness and this, despite the crisis. Actually, Luxembourg has 157,000 cross-borders commuters which account for 40% of the workforce. Almost 25% of the cross-border workers in Europe are located in the Grand-Duchy. As another example its power to spark interest, near three out of every four Luxembourg located companies’ managing directors are foreigners. However, Carlo Thelen pointed out that a small economy has to promote itself, especially in times of crisis when countries are rethinking their model. For his part, Jeannot Krecké, former Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade,  stressed that the past few years were marked by dramatic changes. Such changes hide threats as well as opportunities, and Luxembourg maybe hasn’t adapted properly to these ones. Eventually, the Grand-Duchy has to strengthen its acquired know-how and explore new fields to maintain its appeal. As stated by Romain Bausc, even if Luxembourg “has missed the boat in the past, it is still in time to pick up and profit from the opportunities ahead”. To get more information, please visit Luxembourg for Finance website .

Publié le 08 février 2013