The 8th edition of the Luxembourg Finance Awards will take place on November 15th, at the European Convention Center, in the heart of the financial center of Luxembourg. Aiming at rewarding the sector's most innovative solutions and best practices, the event gathers more than 300 CFOs, banking and funds professionals from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.


CFO of the Year

This award is open to individuals who occupy a Chief Financial Officer position. It acknowledges an outstanding financial leader for his/ her vision, projects, contribution and leadership as well as his/ her commitment to improving accountability and financial reporting within the company. 

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Treasury Manager of the Year 

This title rewards a leader in treasury and finance, who has aided the company to benefit from new insights, achieve improvements in efficiency, spreading best practices and establishing solid and viable relationships with banks and company partners. 

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Wealth Manager of the Year

This rewards the individual who provides comprehensive financial planning advice while complying with investment objectives and parameters defined by his/ her clients. It recognizes great performance and relevant services offered.

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Finance Team of the Year

It rewards a Finance Team for its outstanding results on a specific project (implementation of a new financial system, compliance with new regulations etc.)

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Tax Manager of the Year

Rewards an individual who assist at best his/her clients by providing an efficient tax compliance strategy. He/ She is a trusted partner and is able to tackle any complex tax issues as well as suggesting new opportunities to the clients in order to improve/optimize their activity.

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Finance Advisory Firm of the Year

This award recognizes a company which helps its clients to face a complex financial regulatory environment. It encourages the sharing of best practices while complying with laws and regulations.

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Family Office of the Year

This award is intended for the firm, which successfully responds to the needs of high net worth families. This includes policies, governance and education as well as their ability to provide tailored services to their clients.

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Wealth Management Firm of the Year

This award intends to reward a firm’s proficiency in all aspects of wealth management, including, their policies, investment and portfolio diversification strategies, services and client reporting that make them a trusted partner. This demonstrates skills and strategic reflexion when selecting and managing external products.

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Global Corporate Excellence

Companies based in Luxembourg are subject to Luxembourg’s laws. This award recognizes companies that are proficient in assisting other companies with leading their projects and developing their services in accordance with the law. Trust and excellence must be this company’s key values.

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Finance Technology Solution of the Year

This award aims to reward a company, which has decided to offer a new, creative, innovative, efficient service or product designed to help with a particular aspect of the financial market. This company works to improve customer experience and demonstrates this through its solution.

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Outstanding Contribution to the Financial Center of Luxembourg

This award is quintessential to the Finance community and rewards a company for its commitment to developing the financial place of Luxembourg and promoting the country worldwide.

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Finance Startup of the Year

Rewards a company, which is more than 5 years old and less than 10 for its dynamism, its innovative characteristics and its growing potential in a close future.

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– A company or an individual candidate must be based in Luxembourg – The candidate must attend (or be represented) during the Award Ceremony (November 15th)

– The application to the following awards is free: CFO of the Year, Treasury Manager of the Year, Wealth Manager of the Year, Finance Team of the Year, Tax Manager of the Year, Risk Manager of the Year. Other prizes are subject to application fees: €100 excl.VAT/prizes.


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Publié le 19 octobre 2016