LUXHUB is born as a RegTech with the purpose to accompany the European financial institutions in their PSD2 Journey. Today, we turn this obligation into a business opportunity through a new product, LUXHUB One, an account aggregation solution. Our efforts are continuously deployed to turn regulatory constraints into new opportunities.

PSD2: Payment accounts – open up!

Since last 14th of September, payment accounts have started opening up to the third-party providers. Our LUXHUB Marketplace successfully exposes the APIs of our clients and offers the possibility for third party providers to benefit from a user-friendly API portal.

We are active in 10 European Countries, being in this context the 2nd largest open banking API hub in Europe.

Based on the knowledge capitalized in the PSD2 compliance exercise, we have developed a complementary product, LUXHUB One. This product offers an integration layer giving access to any European payment account via One single API. Our solution can be used by any licensed AIS or credit institution to retrieve balances and transactions of their end-users (with their end-user’s consent).

One simple integration with LUXHUB and a wide range of innovative services can be offered by customers to improve the financial life of their end users.


What’s next?

Innovation imposes collaboration. We strongly believe at LUXHUB that collaboration between financial institutions and Fin/RegTechs should be significantly improved to build the financial ecosystem of tomorrow. We are therefore building LUXHUB API marketplace to foster this collaboration between the different financial industry stakeholders. If you want to learn more about it, Anne-Sophie Morvan, Business Development Manager will provide more insights during the RegTech Summit next week.


Communicated by LUXHUB

Publié le 10 octobre 2019