As Digital Banking & Payments Adviser, Lyubomir Karimansky's mission will be to help ABBL members in the digital transformation of their business model, by creating value for customers and all stakeholders. And this in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

As explained by Lyubomir, "my goal will be to build strong bridges between banks and Third Party Providers to accelerate the implementation of more digitally friendly banking services and to stimulate responsible innovation and competition between banking service providers in Luxembourg and in the EU".

This is all the more important given that digitalisation has accelerated in recent years for the banking sector, and even more so with COVID. According to Lyubomir, "the digital transformation of banking and payment services is becoming a key part of the economy. The European Community’s retail payment strategy aims for secure, fast and reliable payment services to citizens and businesses. The establishment of open banking services is now at the heart of the strategy and has been accelerated by COVID-19".



Lyubomir has over 20 years of experience in strategically designing business models and innovative products and services for the banking industry. As an advisor to several firms on their omnichannel banking services, Lyubomir has led complex projects in the areas of digital transformation of the banking sector and mobile payments. And this, with particular attention to protection and security which, according to Lyubomir, “are the two most valuable key elements that users of banking services look for. Next, the quality, speed and possibilities of customisation of services banking. ”

In recent years, Lyubomir has been a member of the Banking Stakeholder Group at the European Banking Authority (EBA) and member of the Scheme Management Board (SMB) at the European Payments Council (EPC). This enabled him to contribute to changes in legislative packages related to banking products and services, as well as payment systems. This experience has given Lyubomir the measure of the need for close cooperation between supervisory authorities in Europe, as well as a particular sensitivity for the areas of protection and security.


Communicated by ABBL

Publié le 10 février 2021