EFA is proud to contribute to the launch and administration of RAM Stable Climate Global Equities Fund.

This Artificial Intelligence driven sustainable fund's objective is to tackle climate emergency and to provide RAM's investors an active strategy resulting in a strong performance.

As a company, EFA has always been strongly committed to ESG issues. This ensures funds with a sustainable strategy that their administration value chain is also "green".

"Several items contribute to RAM AI’s continuous partnership with EFA. The fact that EFA and RAM AI are both signatories of United Nations Global Compact and adhere to the aligned principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption is positively one of them. Indeed, EFA understands its required contribution in the value-chain of ESG products, including ours!" says Thomas de Saint-Seine, CEO, Partner & Senior Fund Manager, RAM Active Investments.


Press release by EFA

Publié le 03 septembre 2020