regpx specializes in bespoke interactive publications. We developed a software ecosystem, which provides for the control of publications as a Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool for documents, and enables communication via a secure peer-to-peer ecosystem.

We consult, design and build customized publications that allow our clients to:

· control the process of data sharing between the users,

· verify all the participants involved, while actively controlling the dissemination and providing protection against alteration of the data.

We also use our methodology for analyzing and understanding the legal and instructional text, converting this into the equivalent of a mathematical equation. We can create a publication derived from a set of rules that have been analyzed using task-mapping algorithms, ensuring that the highest level of compliance can occur at all times.


These publications can range over :

i.  Converting an existing process, currently being completed using various software tools, into a dynamically customized regpx-form. The regpx-form is interactive, allowing the user to complete their task in less time and at a lower risk of error. The form data, once completed, can be stored or exported into .xml or .sql format for import by other systems.

ii.  Converting compliance procedures, prospectuses, legal documents, manuals, catalogues and various company documentation into a regpx-form. Users will interactively experience the information and benefit from receiving the latest update without having permission to alter, copy or disseminate the information.

regpx offers a real communication revolution in the compliance space.


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Publié le 10 octobre 2019