A new edition of the RegTech Summit will take place on October 17th, 2019, at the Etablissement Namur, Luxembourg-Hamm. InFinance shares today a detailed program of the event, which will bring together local and international experts, who will discuss the latest trends and "the age of privacy champions".

During the event, three main topics will be discussed:

- The importance of controlling its data thanks to practical use-cases. They will highlight solutions implemented internally, the way employees have welcomed the change and how organizations need to adapt their infrastructure in a context of a data-driven economy (the key role of a DPO).

- How to turn compliance into opportunities for the financial sector? Food for thought.

- How other sectors benefit from RegTech principles?


The Program

• 14:00 Welcome Words

• 14:15 “Privacy: User Experience is the Next Big Thing” by Mike Wonham (Senior Director Analyst, Gartner)

• 14:35 "The age of privacy champions" (session in French) with Marie-Claire Pettinger (Data Protection Officer and Compliance Officer, Foyer Group), Julien Sassella (Juriste - Chargé de Protection des Données, Agence e-santé), Stéphane Bianchin (CISO, Banque Raiffeisen) and Kenza Bouzouraa (Deputy Director, ELGON/AINOS)

• 15:10 "Enhancing the role of women in the RegTech industry" with Nadia Manzari (Partner at SCHILTZ & SCHILTZ), Susanne Schartz (COO, SEQVOIA) and Odile Renner (Partner, Arendt)

• 15:30 Break

• 16:00 "The fastest way to compliance: 5 success stories of institutions leveraging RegTech" by Jonathan Prince (Co-Founder, Finologee)

• 16:15 "Combine Compliance and Performance Management through Accountability Enhancing Technique" by Béatrix Barafort (Group Leader) and Philippe Valoggia (Senior Research and Technology Associate, LIST)

• 16:30 "How to pave the way of collaboration between Fin/RegTechs & Financial Institutions: Practical examples and food for thought" by Anne-Sophie Morvan (Business Development Manager, LUXHUB)

• 16:45 "How to convert a compliance department from a cost to a profit center" by Karl Gribnitz (Co-founder, Regpx)

• 16:50 Business case: Neterium, a Regtech offering a cloud API-based screening service and Cascade, an integrated end-to-end fund management platform

• 17:05 Panel discussion – "RegTech principles applied to other sectors" with Arianna Rossi (Postdoctoral Researcher at SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust), Alan Blanchard (Business Development, Apiax), Sébastien Pineau (Lead Partnership Officer, LIST) and Bert Boerman (CEO and Co-founder, Governance.com).

• 17:30 Closing words & Networking cocktail


More information and registration*: www.regtechsummit.lu

*Entry is free of charge for COOs, DPOs, CIOs, CISOs, risk managers, compliance officers, Head of regulatory affairs, private bankers, fund managers, insurance directors etc. with the following code: ART6878

Tickets for decision-makers services providers and consultants: Entry is charged €250 excl. VAT, 200€ excl. VAT for InFinance Partners.

Publié le 08 octobre 2019