Rise, a Belgian financial technology company, prepares to launch to the public after securing €1.5 million in funding and appointing its advisory board.

According to Rise CEO, Morgan Wirtz: “The evidence is clear. The financial culture of Belgians continues to deteriorate year by year. The European study published by Intrum confirms that Belgium ranks 20th in 2020, dropping from 17th place in 2019.

As a teenager, learning to manage money is not something one learns in school, and the topic of money is almost “taboo” or at least rarely spoken about within most families. Rise believes that financial education is an invaluable pillar of education for any teenager.

Rise is a financial service built off the back of this belief, building a groundbreaking, financial education app and debit card to help tackle the growing problem with money management in Belgium. Rise empowers teens to learn about their money management, whilst assisting parents as they guide their teens in their financial education.

Our mission is to create a financially successful generation, with a strong ambition to establish our brand in Europe.

To support our ambitions, we have surrounded our team with renowned experts and partners, hailing from a variety of industries, who support us with their in-depth knowledge and expertise in banking, financial marketing, and legal spheres.

We’ve carefully monitored teen-oriented neo-banks in the United States and Europe, with data showing that parents are increasingly interested in using alternative neo-banks solutions as the first bank account for their teens. That makes us confident that with Rise, we are providing a simple, easy-to-use, secure solution for a growing market, both in Belgium and further afield.”

About Rise

Rise is a Belgian financial technology company, providing teens with tools to learn about money, whilst giving their parents tools to guide their teens in their financial education. The ultimate goal? To create a financially-savvy generation that can handle their finances with confidence. In partnership with Mastercard, Rise has developed a money app & payment card for teens aged between 10 and 18 years old - with tools to help them learn to spend wisely, to budget accordingly, to save and even to invest in the future. Parents are kept in the control seat, with flexible, adaptable controls that make monitoring their teens spending simple and instantly accessible.

The Rise card is issued by Treezor SAS, a subsidiary of Société Générale and principal member of Mastercard Europe.

Appointing Rise’s board of advisors

Rise has taken a structured and careful approach to building and launching their financial services. From its inception, Rise’s management has worked unwaveringly to surround itself with world-leading financial experts, to not only support its global mission but also consistently challenge the team in its strategy.

Rise is proud to announce the following leading professionals as their advisory


–Bruno van Lierde: Ex Senior Partner et Managing Director du Boston Consulting

Group (BCG)

–Peter Vandekerckhove: Former CEO Fortis Retail, Private Bank – Entrepreneur Bank, Chairman of the Board of Directors Beaulieu International Group

–Gunter Uytterhoeven: CMO, AXA Belgium

–Philippe Delva: Former CEO, Fortis Commercial Banking & Medirect Bank

According to Rise CEO Morgan Wirtz: “Whilst pitching Rise as a concept, it became clear that our advisors shared the  same vision. They have an unimaginable wealth of knowledge of the financial world and its trends, and directly spotted the excellent opportunity to support Rise in building financial services for teens and their parents centred around financial education.”

Securing €1.5 million in seed funding

Rise initiated a strong seed fundraising campaign to create a product unlike any other whilst simultaneously building a European brand and kickstarting the app onto the Belgian market. The 3 pillar approach ensures that Rise, stands in a strong position to provide an unrivalled service and the very best product for its customers.

The investors behind the latest funding inputs hail from a diverse range of experienced backgrounds from building technology start-ups and finance to banking and marketing. Amongst others:

–Sylvain Naets (global investor in “technologies that help make the world a better


–Nicolas Debray (Co-founder, Semetis - sold to IPM in 2015)

–Bruno van Lieree (Ex Senior Partner et Managing Director du Boston Consulting Group – BCG)

–Philippe Delva (Former CEO, Medirect Bank)

–Sambrinvest (Wallonian Investment Firm)

According to Sylvain Naets: “I have invested in Rise because of the positive effect the team wants to have on the society, the angle of education & charity and most of all closing the (knowledge) gap between youngsters/people that have been given different opportunities.”

As part of its business model, Rise will charge a monthly fee of €2,99 per teen, payable by their parents, with no other internal charges or hidden fees.

Presse release by Rise

Morgan Wirtz is a young entrepreneur passionate about Gen Z and Neo-banking. He will be a speaker at the Fintech Summit next September 14th and 15th at European Convention Center Luxembourg. Among other things, he will participate in a round table on the them : "Future digital banking focusing on digital expectations". Fintech Summit is part of the renowned tech summit ICT Spring, attended by more than a hundred experts.

ICT Spring Europe 2021 : more information HERE and registration HERE.

Publié le 24 juin 2021