Due to governmental support in May 2020 from the grant of the Ministry of Economy & Luxinnovation, Stampify, a LHoFT-based startup, launches the first version of the platform on the 7th of October.

"We encourage every entity which is looking for e-signature and e-meeting tools to test Stampify’ solution in the beta mode and get an exclusive offer for a next month." - pointed out Guillaume de Vergnies, CEO of Stampify.

The platform is meant to make the governance UNIVERSAL, TRUSTED and INKLESS by combining eMeeting, eVoting, eSigning workflows and the use of blockchain for the generation of a governance-based permanent audit trail.

Primarily, Stampify  complies with EU standards electronic identity (eIDAS) as an authentication of a user and a tiered approach of legal value.

Moreover, Stampify became a player of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) scheme, and gained the role of the Registration Authority, allowing us to provide our users from around the world with trusted digital certificates.

Furthermore, based on EU standards as eIDAS and collaborating with several Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP) in Europe, Stampify integrates 140+ nationalities allowing individuals to interact with any EU entity through their personal dashboard.

Additionally, blockchain as a notarisation solution is essential to Stampify in order to build a permanent governance-based audit trail for each company onboarded in the framework.

DLT allows every user and third parties to access and validate any governance interaction, e.g. proof of notification, meeting attendance, proxy issuance, eVoting tracing.

Therefore, the Stampify platform is a unique digital framework allowing a user to manage the company shares, to participate in meetings, to vote on meeting agenda and legally sign any document after proceeding the authentication inside the platform.


Register for a free version: www.stampify.eu


Press release by Stampify

Publié le 12 octobre 2020