2021 and 2020 are rich years for ESG regulation. Forethix and AMINDIS propose a webinar to analyse and illustrate the 4 possible approaches to integrate the European ESG regulatory agenda.

”Sustainable finance : from regulatory agenda to product integration” was the subject tackled by Stéphanie Deltenre (Managing Director, Forethix) and Tadeusz Tombinski (Senior Sales Engineer, AMINDIS).

The main objective was to clarify the upcoming regulations on a European level and explain the opportunity they represent for Asset Managers when integrated thoroughly. Stéphanie Deltenre highlighted 4 approaches of actors regarding ESG : regulatory compliance, normative, differentiating and “Best-in-Class”. The first two have been illustrated by Tadeusz Tombinski with examples of the EU taxonomy factsheets and interactive ESG reporting. The differentiating approach allows some Asset Managers to generate value from the integration of ESG components in the strategy of their portfolio. Tadeusz Tombinski detailed how, in the portfolio optimisation, ESG can be combined with performance and risk objectives.Finally, the “Best-in-class” companies will analyse and report the impact of integrating ESG components in their strategy.

The discussion ended with the “ESG Performance Attribution” which allows Asset Managers to measure the impact of each component of the ESG strategy on the return of their portfolio. The speakers ended by highlighting the importance of combining different ESG strategies and using integrated tools to follow closely the portfolios.



Communicated by Amindis


Publié le 07 avril 2021