Telindus is proud to announce that it has been awarded the «Fintech Solution of the Year» by a jury of 25 CFOs/CIOs during the Luxembourg Finance Innovation Summit. Telindus has created a trusted Digital platform for individuals and legal entities that enables the automatized implementation of KYC (“Know Your Customer”) encompassing the verification of customer identity, the collection of relevant client information and electronic signatures.  

The Luxembourg Finance Innovation Summit, which took place on November 30th, at the “Etablissement Namur”, experienced its highlight with the assignment of the Luxembourg Finance Awards. The Luxembourg Finance Awards aim to reward the financial sector’s best practices and projects but also to acknowledge outstanding professionals for their skills and involvement within their company. The main criteria taken into account are: expertise, innovation, vision, challenges.

After a series of presentations on innovative topics for insurance, financial services and payments in front of an audience of 250 finance professionals, to whom Telindus also demonstrated its DigitalKYC solution, the six Luxembourg Finance Awards were distributed to acknowledge the best practices and solutions available in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, starting with Telindus Luxembourg winning the Fintech Solution of the Year award.

Telindus convinced the jury through its new and innovative DigitalKYC solution that is designed to enhance compliance, while improving customer experience.

“We are very proud of this award that rewards all the efforts made by Telindus since a year regarding Digital Finance Solutions. Every day, industries all over the world are required to comply with strict KYC requirements. Digitalization of customer interfaces is a top priority for many leading financial institutions in Europe and Worldwide as it is the cornerstone to customer relationships. Our DigitalKYC solution is answering the key challenges of digitalization – compliance, automation and user experience.” Frank Roessig, Head of Digital Finance Solutions at Telindus


Press release by Telindus

Publié le 08 décembre 2017