BNP Paribas Investment Partners is going to add three funds to its SICAV range. These aim at tapping trends in demographics, water and food consumption. It is part of the new socially responsible investment strategies at BNP.


The funds will be available to investors in more than 30 countries and will be added to the Parvest fund range. They will be named Parvest Human Development fund, Parvest SMaRT Food fund and the Parvest Aqua fund.


Parvest Human Development fund is a global equity fund which will invest in companies showing an emphasis for responsible and sustainable growth. The companies have to work towards resolving issues in relation with ageing populations, demographics and access to affordable and quality food. The fund will also target firms providing affordable education and healthcare.


It will be led and managed by Giordano Beani. The fund benchmarks itself against the MSCI World Developed Market index.


The two other funds will be managed by a UK-based SRI specialist: Impax Asset Management.


Parvest Aqua targets the water sector value chain. This includes companies working in renovation, construction and water technologies. These will make up for 80% of the investment. The rest will be invested in companies operating in emerging markets. This fund will have national version. The Luxembourg one will be managed by M. Simon Gottelier.


Parvest SMaRT Food fund is an international equity fund. Its name stands for ‘sustainably manufactured and responsibly transformed food’. It will be manage by M. Michael Landymore. The fund will look to invest in the food value chain. It will target environmentally-friendly companies showing an emphasis on sustainable development, combating food waste, saving water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the ecosystem. Companies designing irrigation systems, working to create innovating biodegradable packaging and producing organics fertilisers will also be eligible.

Publié le 11 juin 2015