P2P process costs account for an average of 60% of turnover for most companies. There are two ways to explain this figure. On one hand, it highlights the considerable extent of savings that can be derived by optimizing this function. On the other hand, it underlines the overriding influence of SRM (supplier relationship management) on business performance, largely setting the conditions for companies’ ability to face exacerbated levels of competition and restrictive standards, while continuing to meet the ever-growing demands of their own clients. Yooz digs into it right now !

25 novembre 2020

European digital bank Advanzia today announces its partnership with digital banking technology provider Backbase, a collaboration that will allow Advanzia to drive digital transformation and optimise customer experience. The long-term partnership includes the implementation of Backbase-as-a-Service (Baas) – a cloud solution that enables banks to develop and release new digital services. By using a holistic platform approach, Advanzia benefits from increased speed of innovation and the ability to build new solutions once and deploy repeatedly.

24 novembre 2020

For the 2nd consecutive year, Accenture and Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg surveyed more than 1000 consumers on their current experience of insurance services and their future expectations. Our 2020 Market Pulse Survey (MPS) reveals that to successfully outmaneuver the complexities of changing consumer behaviors, accentuated by the current global pandemic, insurers must repivot towards digital and infuse personalization in their core services.  

23 novembre 2020

Intelligent automation finance, digital technology, and more specifically AP Automation software, facilitate the Accounts Payable workflow and provide additional services to businesses. Accounts Payable Automation tools are simpler than ever and are available from a variety of cloud-based SaaS providers on a pay-per-usage basis, making them accessible to all sizes of businesses.  

19 novembre 2020

Recent research by Ardent Partners—Research with Results—reveals that more than half of AP teams surveyed are under the impression that they are “exceptionally valuable” or “very valuable” to improve accounts payable efficiency at their respective companies.

13 novembre 2020

On connaît depuis longtemps les bénéfices de la dématérialisation des factures, notamment la réduction significative du coût de traitement des factures, l’amélioration de la traçabilité et du suivi comptable, l’accélération du processus de validation interne des factures, la meilleure gestion des délais de paiement, l’élimination des erreurs, la facilitation des audits internes et externes, sans oublier la diminution de l’empreinte environnementale en réduisant considérablement les factures papier.

10 novembre 2020

After 120+ applications from around the globe, the NadiFin Fintech Accelerator Program powered by MiddleGame Ventures, in partnership with Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) and Standard Chartered, announces its latest cohort of 10 early stage fintech companies.

04 novembre 2020

The concept of automating accounts payable processes first surfaced about twenty years ago. Invoices have the specificity of being documents with a variable structure. Even if the information is identical, the placement differs from one vendor to another, which makes its analysis more complex. Former solutions had nothing to do with current approaches, especially in terms of performance and reliability.

03 novembre 2020

En conjuguant ses forces avec celles d’Ingenico, Worldline devient le nouveau leader européen des services de paiement d’envergure mondiale et rejoint le cercle des grands leaders internationaux du secteur. Worldline propose des solutions de paiement qui favorisent une croissance économique pérenne tout en renforçant la confiance et la sécurité dans nos Sociétés. Fort de sa présence mondiale et de son engagement en faveur de l’excellence, de l’innovation et d’une croissance plus durable, Worldline accélère le développement de l’industrie européenne des paiements en proposant de nouvelles manières d’effectuer des paiements, de vivre et de faire du commerce.

30 octobre 2020

Deloitte Luxembourg’s annual international conference on art and finance unveiled the first Credit Suisse collectibles report at a dedicated panel on Wednesday. The inaugural presentation of the report, conducted in collaboration with Deloitte Luxembourg, was the culminating finish of a six-day virtual conference series on global trends and hot topics in the art market.

29 octobre 2020