Bernard Nicolay (Adjunct Professor, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB) will participate to the next edition of ICT Spring to take place on September 15th and 16th. The expert will take the stage during the Fintech Summit and discuss the latest tokenization and cryptocurrencies trends. Today, he tells us more about the most promising crypto trends and current regulatory challenges.

01 juillet 2020

The Emerging Payments Association EU (EPA EU) just released its 2020 report entitled “The European Payments Landscape in Perspective”, which was commissioned by Luxembourg for Finance. It notably states that the “Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate a worldwide trend towards contactless payments”.

30 juin 2020

Par nature complexes, les circuits achats et factures peuvent se transformer en véritable labyrinthe et transformer le quotidien des collaborateurs – comptables et opérationnels – en un cauchemar quotidien au sein des entreprises multisites.

29 juin 2020

Par Jean-Marc Pédréno, CTO chez Yooz.


18 juin 2020

How can you be sure to choose the “right” AP Automation solution? Given the potential impact on financial gains, this question is certainly one that grabs our attention.

16 juin 2020

Objectway, a leader in the software and services for the Digital Wealth & Investment Management sector, won the XCelent award for the leading Depth of Service score in Celent report “Wealth Management Client Onboarding Platforms”.

15 juin 2020

The European leader in crypto AML and compliance solution, Scorechain, released a new layer of risk management feature with Risk Indicators.

10 juin 2020

Last May, Finologee and Harmoney announced a joint venture and the creation of an innovative product aiming at redefining KYC processes and therefore at accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions. We recently met with Raoul Mulheims (Co-founder & CEO, Finologee) and Thomas Van Maele (Co-founder & CEO, Harmoney) to further discuss this collaboration and the actual reasoning behind its production, as well as the future ambitions and common values of the two Fintechs.

09 juin 2020

In this article, François Lacas, deputy COO at Yooz, talks about technological progress brought about digital transformation and the impact of this digitization of the finance function.

08 juin 2020

A partir du 12 juin prochain, il sera possible pour les particuliers de souscrire en ligne à l’une des 14 offres d’épargne de la plateforme Birdee à partir de 50 €. Jusqu’à présent, ce montant d’investissement minimum était fixé à 1.000 €.

08 juin 2020