The well-known Luxembourg insurance company LALUX is using the Finologee Peppol Access Point to send electronic invoices to the Luxembourg Government, public institutions, and municipalities. Finologee provides a Peppol access point integrated within FinologeeENPAY, its professional payments and multi-bank account access management platform. ENPAY is operated in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode and is accessible through a secure API endpoint. Prior to automating and streamlining its invoicing process, LALUX had to manually fill their invoices using the template provided by the Luxembourg Government.

26 septembre 2022

Cardif Lux Vie has announced the appointment of Alexandre Draznieks as its CEO (Managing Director) with effect from September 1, 2022.

01 septembre 2022

AXA annonce la nomination d’Alexander Vollert, Directeur des opérations d’AXA et Directeur général d'AXA Group Operations (AXA GO), en tant que membre du Comité de direction du Groupe à compter du 1er septembre.

25 juillet 2022

Which trends will define the financial services industry in the coming years? This is undoubtedly a tricky yet essential question for a leading financial center like Luxembourg. 

On the occasion, Payments Association EU Vice-Chairman & General Manager Thibault de Barsy welcomed to the ICT Spring FinTech Summit renowned Tech players such as eBay Payments, Visa, Zoom and Web3 Foundation.

20 juillet 2022

Finscale est un podcast animé par Solenne Niedercorn, Non/Executive Director and Senior Advisor in FinTech/VC, qui fait toute la lumière sur les innovations dans l'industrie de la Finance, la Banque et l’Assurance.

20 juin 2022

Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult for insurance companies to navigate through the jungle of different legislation. The legal landscape is constantly evolving and we see more and more scrutiny at the level of the regulator and the tax authorities. It is crucial, even more than before, that insurers are able to prove their compliance with their legal, regulatory and tax obligations. 

19 avril 2022

Avec une hausse de 13 %, la tendance au ralentissement de la hausse sur les marchés des assurances se poursuit. Les tarifs des cyberassurances continuent de dévier de cette tendance de décélération avec des hausses allant jusqu'à 130% aux États-Unis, 92% au Royaume-Uni contre 65% en Europe continentale.

15 février 2022

ABBL and ACA agreed to strengthen their collaboration on several fronts. Whilst the two associations cover different sectors of the financial economy, and their members have specific interests and concerns, there are several areas of overlapping interests.

03 février 2022

Le label LuxFLAG « Sustainable Insurance Product » confirme ainsi l’engagement de SOGELIFE comme assureur responsable auprès de ses partenaires et de ses clients, en proposant un contrat d’assurance vie 100% ISR (Investissement Socialement Responsable).

10 janvier 2022

Le 15 janvier, Octavie Dexant deviendra la Directrice Générale d'AXA Luxembourg et d'AXA Wealth Europe, succédant à Mirjam Bamberger qui est nommée Chief Strategic Development Officer pour les entités AXA UK, Irlande, Allemagne, Espagne et Mexique.

15 décembre 2021