On October 17 th , 2019, more than 120 legal, finance, IT and tech experts met at the Etablissement Namur, in Luxembourg-Hamm, to attend the third edition of the RegTech Summit. This year, the event was entitled "The Age of Privacy Champions: When Compliance meets Performance", with more than ten local and international experts sharing their knowledge, best practices, while discussing the latest trends of the ever-growing RegTech industry.

Master of Ceremony Frank Roessig (Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Proximus) first welcomed the participants explaining that privacy is a big game changer inducing a lot of efforts from companies to meet their clients’ expectations and requirements now that they are allowed to assert their rights.

21 octobre 2019

On October 17th, 2019, Alan Blanchard (Business Development, APIAX) will take the stage at the RegTech Summit and share his knowledge while presenting his innovative solution. He met with InFinance to discuss the latest regulatory changes and the transformation of the financial industry.

15 octobre 2019

The third edition of the RegTech Summit, which will take place on October 17th at the Etablissement Namur, will provide the participants with practical pieces of advice on how to turn compliance requirement into opportunities, how to apply RegTech principles to other sectors than the financial one and best use-cases of companies which have changed their organization to better control their data.

14 octobre 2019

regpx specializes in bespoke interactive publications. We developed a software ecosystem, which provides for the control of publications as a Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool for documents, and enables communication via a secure peer-to-peer ecosystem.

10 octobre 2019

In a few days, Susanne Schartz (Chief Operating Officer, SEQVOIA) will share her knowledge on stage during the 2019 edition of RegTech Summit. Today, she tells us more about regulation changes in the funds industry and the pioneering role of Luxembourg.

10 octobre 2019

LUXHUB is born as a RegTech with the purpose to accompany the European financial institutions in their PSD2 Journey. Today, we turn this obligation into a business opportunity through a new product, LUXHUB One, an account aggregation solution. Our efforts are continuously deployed to turn regulatory constraints into new opportunities.

10 octobre 2019

10 answers for banks, EMIs & PIs that (may) have to comply.

09 octobre 2019

Smart Oversight is a startup incorporated in Luxembourg and member of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT). Smart Oversight brings financial sector the technology to reduce costs and workload related to the Know Your Customer (KYC) with a tool to streamline KYC processes. Smart Oversight supports you company on reducing the manual workload and giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business. This performance relies on key principles which are automation, reliability and scalability. Smart Oversight answers its clients’ needs creating synergies between a good understanding of the business needs and the flexibility of the development team.

09 octobre 2019

A new edition of the RegTech Summit will take place on October 17th, 2019, at the Etablissement Namur, Luxembourg-Hamm. InFinance shares today a detailed program of the event, which will bring together local and international experts, who will discuss the latest trends and "the age of privacy champions".

08 octobre 2019

On October 17th, InFinance will organize its first event of the 2019/2020 season: RegTech Summit is back with a focus on privacy, compliance and performance. Discover the names of the first speakers, and register now!

24 septembre 2019