In case you missed it, you can now re-live the second edition of the European Finance Summit, which took place on March 18th, 2021. In the afternoon, local and international experts discussed the state of sustainable finance, focused on ESG funds, and explained how Covid-19 acted as a catalyst to sustainable processes.

04 mai 2021

The European Commission has today adopted an ambitious and comprehensive package of measures to help improve the flow of money towards sustainable activities across the European Union. By enabling investors to re-orient investments towards more sustainable technologies and businesses, today's measures will be instrumental in making Europe climate neutral by 2050. They will make the EU a global leader in setting standards for sustainable finance.

04 mai 2021

As global citizens, consumers, and investors, humans are stewards of the Earth. They have the power to shape a more sustainable path that will allow them to continue to evolve the quality of life while preserving the planet for the next generation. The “Future of Earth” rests with us. While current standards of living and overall levels of consumption are unsustainable in relation to the planet’s finite resources, UBS explores investment solutions for a more sustainable planet in its new “Future of Earth” report.

04 mai 2021

The community marketing specialist, communication agency and event organizer today launches its monthly broadcast program which aims at highlighting the expertise of targeted personalities, companies and startups.

29 avril 2021

The first event of the year organized by Farvest Group, the European Finance Summit, took place last March 18th, 2021. It was entitled “From finance leaders to changemakers - Sustainable recovery & green transition” and the morning sessions notably featured Nicolas Mackel (CEO, Luxembourg for Finance), Linda Zeilina (Founder & CEO, International Sustainable Finance Centre), Anne-Claire Roux (Managing Director, Finance for Tomorrow) and Inès Leonarduzzi (Founder & President, Digital For The Planet).

19 avril 2021

Par Volker Schmidt, Senior Portfolio Manager, Ethenea.

Les obligations durables poursuivent leur ascension. Une analyse rigoureuse et critique des documents de chaque émission et une gestion active sont essentielles : en effet, cet univers est peuplé d'émetteurs d’obligations « vert clair », n’ayant de durable que l’apparence afin de bénéficier de conditions de financement avantageuses sans réellement contribuer à la protection du climat ou à des projets sociaux.

15 avril 2021

Amundi, le premier gérant d’actifs européen, a mis en place une nouvelle stratégie d’investissement au sein de la SICAV Amundi Responsible Investing avec le fonds « Just Transition for Climate ». Ce fonds d’obligations européennes a pour objectif quantifiable d’accompagner la transition énergétique tout en veillant à la cohésion sociale.

12 avril 2021

BNP Paribas Securities Services et sa plateforme Manaos annoncent un partenariat avec Clarity AI, plateforme consacrée aux analyses et à la science des données en matière de développement durable. Les utilisateurs de Manaos ont dès à présent accès au très vaste univers de données et scorings ESG de Clarity AI.

06 avril 2021

HSBC Group has announced its ambitious plan to help build a net zero global economy, and committed financing and investment to help create a sustainable future for businesses and society.

Their climate plan has three elements: 

  • Achieve net zero in HSBC’s operations and supply chain by 2030 or sooner
  • Dedicate $750bn - $1trn of finance and investment by 2030 to help customers transition;
  • Unlock next-generation climate solutions

Additionally, last year, the Group was named the World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance by Euromoney for the second consecutive time and this year HSBC has committed to phase out the financing of coal by 2030 for EU and OECD countries and by 2040 for the rest of the World.

01 avril 2021

On March 18th, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange was awarded Best Green & Sustainable Initiative. We sat with Julie Becker, Deputy CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) and Founder of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) to understand how the story has begun and what has been the main achievements of the LGX platform so far. 

01 avril 2021