Article 17 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is dedicated to "the Right to property". It states that "everyone has the right to own, use, dispose of and bequeath his or her lawfully acquired possessions". But with high prices and skyrocketing rents, as we can see clearly in Luxembourg, becoming a residential property owner is a real headache. This article assesses the Luxembourg real-estate situation while presenting a few solutions that are about to disrupt the real estate market.

10 mai 2022

As cryptocurrencies grow as a generalized method of payment, companies need to adapt to this upcoming change in the economy. In this context, Nexo has announced its partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket to introduce the first crypto-backed card. Nexo is a DeFi crypto lending platform and exchange system with which you can trade, borrow, lend or spend cryptocurrencies.

19 avril 2022

Finscale est un podcast animé par Solenne Niedercorn, Non/Executive Director and Senior Advisor in FinTech/VC, qui fait toute la lumière sur les innovations dans l'industrie de la Finance, la Banque et l’Assurance.

19 avril 2022

Cryptocurrencies are to change the economy as we know it today. They have already become a prevailing solution for finance and investment. According to the Republican Policy Committee, several cryptocurrencies “dominate the market, with Bitcoin accounting for 41% of the industry’s total market value”. Considering this, the European Parliament – among other governments – has adopted a legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies use.

11 avril 2022

STOKR, the EU's pioneering digital investment marketplace for alternative assets, and INX Group, which integrates regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, have entered into a strategic partnership at Bitcoin Miami 2022, the world-largest Bitcoin conference on Bitcoin, building cross-border offering, focusing on joint deal-making.

07 avril 2022

Les banquiers centraux font face à un défi historique. Après presque quatorze  ans de politique monétaire accommodante et d'achats d'actifs, la Réserve  fédérale américaine et la Banque centrale européenne parviendront-elles  à resserrer les coûts d'emprunt sans faire basculer leurs économies dans la  récession? L'Histoire n'est pas de leur côté. Nous examinons les risques et les  opportunités en matière d’investissement, ainsi que le positionnement de nos portefeuilles.

06 avril 2022

Financial inclusion is rising around the world. Indeed, according to the Global Findex database, the percentage of adults who has an account with a financial institution or through a mobile money service rose globally from 62 percent to 69 percent[1] between 2014 and 2017. Nevertheless, women in developing economies remain nine percentage points less likely than men to have a bank account. Economic growth is closely linked to social inclusion and inequality reduction. Supporting a gender-inclusive financial system and greater women's financial inclusion is one of the keys to achieving financial inclusion.

06 avril 2022

NFTs fame has continued to grow in recent months. NFTs were first seen as a new gold mine before being highly criticised. According to a Financial Times article published on 11 March, the "daily trading volumes on OpenSea, the biggest marketplace for NFTs, have dropped down by 80 per cent to $50mn in March, just a month after they reached a record peak of $248mn in February." [1]

15 mars 2022

The 2021 Fortune 500 list revealed a record high number of 41 female CEOs, but that is low relative to the 459 CEO positions held by men. In the fields of Finance and Technology this trend is especially prevalent as women are severely underrepresented. Yesterday, at the occasion of International Women’s Day, the LHoFT gathered experts to address the topic “The Power of Gender Inclusion: Championing Women in Finance and Technology in Luxembourg” with the participation of women leading figures of the Luxembourg place.

09 mars 2022

Why the war in Ukraine is likely to accelerate Europe’s long-term clean energy transition.

08 mars 2022